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Call it what you like…invoice factoring, asset based lending, accounts receivable factoring, receivables financing, AR factoring…bottom line, Vertex will turn your receivables into immediate cash!

If your business is like others, you need consistent cash flow to stay ahead of expenses. As you know, cash flow is rarely consistent. Invoices can go uncollected for weeks - even months. Meanwhile, payroll, accounts payable, and other overhead continue to add up. Before long, it's difficult to fund day-to-day operations without depleting savings or incurring more debt. Planning for future growth seems out of the question. Bottom line, you need cash to stay in the black and our factoring services can help.

Factoring is the way, Vertex is the solution.

Vertex Financial also has bank referral relationships allowing them to provide alternative financing options when banks are unable to meet the financing needs of a company.

Vertex Financial Specializes in Invoice Factoring in the following industries:

Vertex is known for meeting the needs of small or growing businesses when banks or other financial institutions cannot. So if you are looking for new sources of capital to either energize, expand, or turn around your company, let us help you today with a Free Factoring Consultation. You may visit our Contact Us page or call us directly at (214) 368-5881 to find out how Vertex can help you! Go to Online Application now.

Vertex Financial partners with wide variety of companies throughout the continental United States by providing exceptional customer service in invoice factoring. Vertex has representatives in several states around the country to better serve customers on a daily basis. Contact Us or Call Today to learn more about how we can help you turn your receivables into results!

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