How PO Financing Can Help Your Small Business

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At Vertex Financial, we provide small companies with flexible purchase order financing solutions. PO financing represents a short-term business finance option that gets you cash-flow when you need it to pay suppliers upfront for verified purchase orders. As small business specialists, we know that most companies do not like declining orders as a result of cash-flow shortages.


Have an opportunity that you need funded? Vertex Financial's PO financing can help generate the working capital you need for to invest in new business prospects. Use our purchase order financing solution to fill sales orders. By financing of your supplier costs, you free up your cash for other critical business expenses.

Get started today by providing Vertex Financial with a purchase order from a creditworthy commercial or government client.

Purchase Order Financing Benefits

Vertex Financial understands the needs of small businesses, and unlike other PO financing companies, we creatively structure our finance solutions to maximize your profits. Our PO Financing solutions give you the flexibility to:

  • Take on bigger orders
  • Secure new contracts
  • Pays your suppliers or give them payment or vendor guarantees
  • Reduce capital restrictions
  • Grow your business
  • Gain a competitive edge in your industry

PO Financing is not a traditional loan, so take advantage of our fulfillment and logistics expertise today and get cash in hand.

Vertex Financial's PO financing solutions allow you to build your business without incurring any new debt!

Gain More Business & Decrease Cash-Flow Problems

Would you like to pursue new customers and contracts? PO financing provides you with vital funds necessary to stay ahead of the competition. With Vertex Financial's flexible PO financing solutions, you can:

Gain peace of mind through Vertex Financial's quick and easy purchase order financing. We can usually get you your money within 24, or even the same day, for a low fee.

Contact us now to find out more about our PO funding, and keep ahead of your competition.

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