Invoice Factoring has been used in some form for thousands of years.

Invoice factoring is called many things, including accounts receivable financing, asset-based lending, and invoice factoring. This alternative method of financing allows a business to generate cash from its unpaid invoices.

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At Vertex Financial, our flexible invoice factoring solutions provide you with the most effective way to turn your unpaid invoices into cash, often times with same-day funding. You don’t have to wait months for your customers to pay their invoices!

How Does Factoring Work?

While a traditional business loan requires you to accrue new debt, invoice factoring provides you with cash that you have already earned. This process gives you immediate funds without incurring the added burden of debt, allowing you to:

  • Buy necessary materials
  • Acquire new equipment
  • Close contracts before your competition does
  • Pay staff on time

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Once you send us your invoices, we perform a few quick checks on services rendered and then establish a credit limit on the customers you want us to factor.


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Vertex Financial gives you up to 90% of the invoice amount in 24 hours, or even the same day. After your customer pays, you get the final 10%, minus a small processing fee.

Why Choose Factoring Over Traditional Financing?

Our invoice factoring solutions give you access to cash fast without the headaches of applying for a traditional bank loan. Accounts receivable financing is a low-cost alternative to traditional bank loans, which often times takes months to get approval.

Vertex Financial’s customized financing solutions allow you to focus on running your business instead of hunting down client payments.

Factoring Vs. Traditional Lending

The advantage of invoice factoring over traditional lending include less paperwork, a low factoring fee (often times this fee is only 1%-4% of the invoice amount), and quick access to cash.


  • Simplified and efficient application process.
  • You can use accounts receivable as collateral.
  • Same-day or 24-hour approval.
  • We work with startup businesses.
  • You do not pay interest each month.
  • Factoring is not a loan, so your company does not assume any debt.
  • We handle back-office support at no extra charge.

Bank Loan

  • Complicated and cumbersome application process.
  • Fixed assets are usually required as collateral.
  • Time-consuming approval process that can take months.
  • New business startups do not always qualify for traditional loans.
  • Count on paying monthly interest.
  • A loan puts you in debt, negatively affecting your balance sheet.
  • You must handle collections and credit, as well as accounts receivable management.

Top Invoice Factoring Benefits

When you compare invoice factoring versus a traditional bank loan, factoring invoices works well for small businesses that need fast access to cash while eliminating the hassles and debt of traditional lending. Top reasons that accounts receivable factoring can work for you include:

  1. Access to cash, fast. Vertex Financial can get you cash within 24 hours, and sometimes even the same day. You can use working capital to hire new employees, pay overhead costs, or even expand into new territories.
  2. Financing that is debt-free. Because invoice factoring is not a loan, it does not create new debt. You get your cash sooner by paying a small fee.
  3. Eliminate stress. Our factoring solutions can help you eliminate the worry that comes along with paying bills and keeping the lights on. We will factor your invoices and then collect from your customers on your behalf.
  4. Ability to expand your business. With increased working capital, you can expand your business by growing your accounts and servicing new areas. Vertex Financial’s flexible accounts receivable factoring solutions provides you with instant access to cash to pay bills or access more resources.
  5. Invoice Factoring is flexible. Our flexible factoring programs are customized to fit your specific business needs. And you can choose how many invoices you want to factor.

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